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Christmas Lights
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We love trees, and we love working with them to extend their life and improve our urban forest. However, sometimes a tree just needs to be removed.


Removals from the Ground

Smaller trees, with ample access and clearance:                         From $100


Conifer Removals

Spruce, Pine, Fir, Hemlock etc.                                                       From $200


Deciduous Removals

Maples, Ash, Oaks, Lindens, Locust etc.                                      From $200


Canopy raising and clearance prunings

Is your tree trying to grow into your house? Do you need some more sunlight? From small to large.

From $50

Crown Reduction and subordination

Our trees are beautiful, but like our cute puppies, they grow quickly. Let us know what you'd like, and we'll work with the tree to do our best to achieve that!

From $80

Christmas lights/Decoration hanging

Do you need something hung in your tree? Do you want birdfeeders high in the sky?

From $50

Stump Grinding

Below Grade

Do you have a wood stump that has been left? Are you tired of tripping over it, or are looking to plant a nice garden or grass?

From $150

*Volume discounts will apply.

On-Call Emergency

Seasoned, split for smaller household fireboxes.


Ash, Maple and Oak etc.

From $100*

Some common woods and their average heating values;

Ash, Elm = 20-24 mil btu/cord

Beech, Oak = 24-27 mil btu/cord

Maple = 17-24 mil btu/cord

Secondary Woods

Woods that are great for burning in outdoor fire pits.  Inquire about sizing that works for you.

From $60


Bags of thin split cedar perfect for quick, consistent starting of your fire.

From $10


Cedar contains a mix of air pockets and oils that help it light up quickly and burn hot; the perfect combo to start your fire.


*Delivery charge applies.  Variable pricing based on quantity ordered.

Hedge Trimming

No job to big or small!


We provide everything you need to keep your property looking great. We prune for aesthetics for lasting privacy and beauty.   

Call for a quote.


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